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TSMC started the mass production of 7nm Kirin 985 processor



We previously saw that TSMC has begun the trial production for Huawei’s upcoming 7nm processor and now the company has staged for the mass production to meet its delivery date.

TSMC said it has begun the mass production of 7nm + EUV process. This is the first time the company has produced EUV lithography technology.

the company also said that the 7nm+ EUV (Extreme ultraviolet lithography) is very popular among its consumers and the yields for this new process has increased the same as the 7nm processor.

According to the previous information, Huawei Kirin 985 will be the first to apply TSMC 7nm+ EUV technology, which is expected to be used in the Mate 30 series. Despite the US ban, TSMC has made it clear that at least it will not stop supplying to Huawei.

The company is also planning to produce a 5G modem integrated chip version of SoC for the same phone.

It’s also reported that Huawei has accelerated its pace of launching a 5G baseband processor or 5G modem integrated SoC and planning to make it commercially available by the start of next year.

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