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Trademark listing shows Huawei planned ‘Pura’ brand five years ago



Huawei Pura brand trademark

New Huawei ‘Pura’ brand has arrived in front of consumers but its secret development started 5 years ago, as revealed by the latest trademark listing on the internet. It seems the company had thought of a new identity for the P-series long ago.

The information points out that the Chinese tech giant has applied for the ‘Pura‘ and ‘Huawei Pura’ brand trademark logos multiple times in the past five years.  Yet it has now received the approval to get official and show up on the consumer platform.

Huawei has issued the first ‘Pura’ trademark application in May 2019. Thereafter, the company faced U.S. sanctions which might have affected the ongoing procedure and kept it at a halt for 5 years. Although users finally heard of the new branding.

Note that the ‘Pura’ and ‘Huawei Pura’ names were classified globally as the ‘scientific instruments’ which means that the company had planned to rename the P-series quite a long ago. Perhaps it has been waiting for the perfect timing to announce big news.

Huawei Pura brand trademark

Huawei Pura listed on trademark five years ago (Image Credits: MyDrivers)

Pura 70 Series:

Huawei CEO of Consumer Business Group department – Yu Chengdong says that the term “Pura” indicates purity. With a new brand name, the tech giant claims to explore more innovative and advanced solutions for the optical segment of P-tag devices.

The CEO also cites that Huawei Pura assures true intentions toward user experience and aims to continue stepping forward with dedication and determination. Hence we can expect enormous changes with the next flagship – the Pura 70 series.

Huawei has started dropping new teasers and official statements about the all-new Pura 70 series. After the announcement of the Pura brand, the firm showed the triangular camera module for the premium lineup, which fits accurately with leaked info.

That’s just the beginning and we could hear more interesting input and even grab the official look of the Pura 70 series in the coming days. Stay tuned.

Huawei Pura brand trademark

Huawei Pura listed on trademark five years ago (Image Credits: Weibo)

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