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To survive Huawei must increase strategic investment: Huawei Chairman




On March 28, Huawei held the 2021 annual report conference and announced the overall sales data reports as well as introduced the new future business strategies. As per the report, the net profit in 2021 will be 113.7 billion with a 75.9% YoY growth rate.

Following this, Huawei’s rotating chairman – Guo Ping mentioned that at the moment Huawei is facing lots of difficulties and is not able to get advanced technology. So, if we want to survive, Huawei (we) must increase strategic investment.

In addition, Ping said that Huawei will continue to promote and continues strategic investment in three reconstructions: theoretical breakthroughs, architectural reconstruction, and software reconstruction. In terms of basic theory, explore the theoretical essence of computing and communication, and break the barrier of industrial development.

In architectural design, it does not rely on single-point optimization to promote the overall competitiveness of the system. In terms of software, it takes root in the core capabilities of the software and rebuilds the core foundation software stack.

Huawei chipset Guo Ping

Further, Huawei is also going through a new phase of industrial transfer to adapt to the current trend of digital and intelligent exploration. The Ping said, for example, in the context of digital energy, integrates digital technology and power electronics technology to promote carbon neutrality. In terms of sports health, it meets the growing demand for scientific sports and active health.

Talking about the smart car business, Huawei insists on not just manufacturing cars and helping customers build and sell good cars. He revealed that Huawei’s smart auto parts business has listed more than 30 smart auto parts, and over the past year, it has developed over 300 industry chain partners.

Regarding Huawei’s performance in 2021, Huawei’s rotating chairman said: “The problems we are facing have not yet been resolved, and Huawei will continue to strive for survival and development.

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