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Huawei chipset issue will be resolved: Rotating Chairman



Huawei chipset Guo Ping

At Huawei 2021 annual report conference, Huawei’s CFO – Meng Wanzhou released the 2021 annual financial data report, which discloses 75.9% YoY growth. Afterward, during the interview, the rotating chairman of Huawei – Guo Ping replied when asked about the chipset.

Guo Ping answered that several rounds of US sanctions have created great difficulties for Huawei. Especially affected the smartphone business because of the shortage of core components such as chipsets.

In the smartphone, strong computing power chips with low power consumption and small volumes are required. At the moment, Huawei is facing difficulties in getting such chipsets for their smartphone segment. Additionally, Ping added that solving the chip problem is a complicated and long process that requires patience. In the future, our chip solution may adopt a multi-core structure to improve chip performance.

In order to build a self-built chip factory to solve the chip supply problem, Huawei chairman Guo Ping said that the interruption in chipset supply has a great impact on Huawei’s mobile phone business, but the continuity of the ToB business is still guaranteed.

In addition, he added that Huawei will invest in three reconstructions in the future, using stacking and area for performance, and less advanced technology to make Huawei’s products competitive. In terms of consumer business, Guo Ping said that Huawei is focusing on expanding into new areas such as wearables and whole-home intelligence.

Huawei chipset Guo Ping

Huawei 5G:

Huawei also doesn’t have chipsets currently don’t have access to 5G networks. The main cause behind this issue missing Radio Frequency (RF) chipset, which is the core component to enable 5G.

On the other hand, it was also rumored that Huawei will build its own chip manufacturing with help of other brands. At the moment, the clouds are not clear on this subject and more information is yet to come.

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