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Titanium design compromised heat dissipation, iPhone 15 users report heat issue



titanium heat iphone 15

Apple is promoting the new titanium design as a “first time in iPhone” and it could be the main reason behind the latest heat issue in the latest iPhone 15 lineup.

Following the delivery of new iPhone devices, users began to share their experiences with the new iPhone devices. In that case, the heat issue is trending the most due to its severity. However, phone generating heat is a usual scenario.

But the case with iPhone 15 models could be different. According to the users, iPhone 15 models are generating heat even in idle situations, while some other results have been found in the benchmark tests. After checking these reports, the Industry analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo has something to say on this matter.

Kuo said that the current state of the heating issue in the iPhone 15 may not be related to its chipset. For your information, the phone uses using latest Bionic chip in the Pro models, processed with TSMC’s 3nm node.

However, the analyst predicts that Apple has made compromises in the heat dissipation inside the titanium frame. This may be causing the heat dissipation efficiency and the phone may not be able to eliminate the heat from the phone.

titanium heat iphone 15

Titanium vs. Aluminum:

With the iPhone 15, Apple shifted the device’s design towards Titanium in Pro models. However, there’s a clear conductivity difference in titanium as compared to aluminum frames, used in non-Pro models. Related to this, let’s have a small class on thermal conductivity.

A material’s thermal conductivity determines its ability to conduct or transfer heat. If your product needs material with a good radiator, you may have to choose one with a high conductivity rate. Also, materials with low thermal conductivity are good insulators. Alloys of aluminum possess a high thermal conductivity of 210 W/m-K compared to titanium with 17.0 W/m-K.

What is the solution?

Kuo mentioned that the heating issue could be resolved by limiting some CPU performance. This can be done via software updates. However, we have not seen such a rollout on this matter.

For now, it’s not confirmed whether the new titanium design causing such heat issues in iPhone 15 or there’s something else but we’ll have to wait for more information.

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