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Galaxy S24 leak confirms that Apple is taking more risks than Samsung



Apple iPhone 15 Samsung Galaxy S24

After the US sanctions, Huawei was forcefully removed from the Android ecosystem and Samsung became the unrivaled Android babyface. Over the past three years, the South Korean company has been sitting on the best Android phone maker crown with a more Apple-like approach. But in the meantime, the iPhone maker is now enabling into risks taking mode.

Yesterday, famous tipster – Onleaks once again surprised the tech community. He shared an early look at the Samsung Galaxy S24 lineup. This is a major revelation because these devices are yet to claim an official announcement. So, a big cheers for the futuristic Onleaks.

There are three devices leaked online – S24, 24 Plus, and Ultra model. All three carry the same design elements and the same substantial tweaks that are following for the last two generations of the S series lineup.

According to the information, the display size is the same, the outlook is the same, and the colors may not be interesting. These are the improvements for this new S series family.

Many of the online users on X (formerly Twitter) also called it an Apple sort of approach. However, this may not be the only thing to see here because an American company is taking more risks than its Korean rival.

To summarize, Apple left its safe zone and did something new this time with the iPhone 15. This may not appear significant but it actually is.

iPhone 15 is designed with titanium. In the past, Apple has been using aluminum and a sudden shift to a new material caused a major side effect on some devices.

Buyers of iPhone 15 Pro models are reporting a sudden rise in temperatures. Reports suggest that this might be caused by the new design composition. However, it could be resolved by software updates. The top model of the iPhone 15 lineup is fragile in comparison to the non-Pro and predecessor.

Before these issues, Apple tried to deliver something new this year. iPhone 15 Pro series saw the change with the inclusion of Titanium. One more thing to mention here is that the top model of the iPhone has fewer bezels and a full view of the display than any of the iPhones in the past.

On the other hand, Samsung is gradually turning into Apple. The company is taking no risk of innovating new technologies. And it just wants to release a new flagship phone without a flagship level of attraction.


The reason behind Samsung’s less innovative behavior comes from the current market conditions. There is no one to primarily challenge Samsung’s position in the Android flagship market. Since Huawei is no longer in the competition, Samsung has no one to compete against.

Therefore, Samsung doesn’t want to compete in the Android flagship market anymore. Instead, it is currently focusing on selling new mid-range and other low-priced segments where Chinese companies are gaining ground.

This approach shows that Samsung is playing as a safe snail, proving that even Apple is taking more risks to launch new devices to deliver something innovative.

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