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This Gold variant of Huawei P30 Pro looks really luxurious



You may have seen Huawei’s flagship phone ‘P30 Pro’ in different colors, but there’s a custom variant that we’re talking and spotted on a famous actor’s hand with coated with golden luxury.

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Today, Donnie Yen, famous actor was pictured with a golden version of Huawei P30 Pro. Images of the phone’s packaging reveal that this flagship is customized by the Gold Elite Paris with pure 24K gold, as well as a custom gift box with a gold plate certificate.

The back of the phone includes the name print of “Donnie”, and there’s the Gold Elite marking on the top corner. And one thing is for sure, this variant surely costs a lot of money.

Gold Elite Paris is known for its services to customize for any smartphone with Gold. Also, the customizations only relate to the appearance of the device and unaffected to its internal hardware.

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