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Huawei just dropped another big teaser for HDC 2019



Earlier today, we saw a new promo image for an all in one software solution directed for Huawei Developer Conference and Huawei just dropped another promo for this event that continues the hype.

Breaking: Huawei officially teases an all in one software solution ahead of HDC 2019, Hongmeng OS?

Huawei said by cutting a promo, “When the mobile phone is no longer just a mobile phone, the computer is no longer just a computer, what new power smart technology holds? find out at HDC 2019”.

By seeing the picture there is a diverse range of products printed under a human figure, which hints at a full pace solution for all of the device ecosystem but what could it be? Hongmeng OS, another new Software, Programming Language, New Device? Let us know in the comment, what do you think it’ll be.

Also, there is a huge possibility that there are more of these teasers come until we meet the HDC 2019 event on August 9.

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