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These 9 models now receiving HarmonyOS 4 public beta



HarmonyOS 4

Huawei today announced HarmonyOS 4 public beta for 9 of the new smartphone models from Honor. It’s only a week since these phones entered HarmonyOS 4 closed beta. At a fast pace, Huawei is now promoting them to the public beta phase. The 9 new smartphone models promoted to HarmonyOS 4 public beta are the following:

  1. Honor 30 (BMH-AN10)
  2. Honor 30 (BMH-AN20)
  3. Honor 30 (BMH-TN10)
  4. Honor 30 Pro (EBG-AN00)
  5. Honor 30 Pro (EBG-TN00)
  6. Honor 30 Pro+ (EBG-AN10)
  7. Honor V30 (OXF-AN00)
  8. Honor V30 Pro (OXF-AN10)
  9. Honor Play4 Pro (OXP-AN00)

The public beta announcement is a sign that the software is ready to release in stable mode. However, the current state of this software allows both beta and HarmonyOS 3 users to download the new test HarmonyOS 4 build without worrying about testing slots.

To download the public beta version, you need to open the My Huawei app. From here tap on the HarmonyOS section and select beta activity. Follow the on-screen instructions to request the public beta of HarmonyOS 4.

Before you download the beta version, take a look at the following notes.

  1. Please back up important files and folders to your PC or an external disk in order to prevent any unwanted file loss.
  2. You will be required to download the base software version in order to fetch the public HarmonyOS 4 software.
  3. You will need to ensure that the phone has at least 8 GB of free space in your phone’s internal storage in order to download and install the new HarmonyOS 4 public beta build.
  4. Do not root your device to download the beta build.

9 models Harmonyos 4 public beta

HarmonyOS 4 features

This new HarmonyOS comes with new animations and personalization features such as various lock screen themes and customization options. The animations are smoother than the past software, allowing you to take full advantage of the new Ark Engine.

The system fluency is improved by 20% and the software in order to save more battery life for the end user.

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