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There’s a new app that could tell when Google is taking your data



Googerteller App informs about Google tracking data

Google is very particular about users’ privacy and security-related matters. Hence, it facilitates its consumers with new and thoughtful services. However, there are some points, where the company tracks your activity through your personal information. But no worries! Here is an app that can let you know when Google takes your data.

Surprised? Well, yes the information is correct. An intelligent developer – Bert Hubert who is the originator of the PowerDNS open-source server program, has created an application known as Googerteller. Consequently, the developer was trying to acknowledge what kind of information Google takes from a user’s server.

Further, he wanted to learn about the possible spectrums as to when and where the company uses our data for what reasons. Hence he developed an app that lets you know whenever your smart gadget or computer sends any data to Google.

Although we know about the strict regulation of the US tech giant regarding privacy subjects. Besides, it’s quite normal for the programming sector to collect some relatable data so that they can provide you with productive and efficient performance.

Googerteller App informs about Google tracking data

Yet, at the same time, the users need to understand what kind of information they are providing to the developers. So that they may not let them access such profiles that are quite confidential in nature.

How does the Googerteller work?

Bert shares his thought about the new application on his Twitter handle. He tweets that the newborn application is a simple tool that makes some alerts at the moment when your device sends data to Google. Further, he also attaches a demo video to illustrate the functioning of the application.

Googerteller uproots the Linux-based operating system and utilizes the IP addresses provided by Google on the public platform. These addresses are in link with several Google services. As a result, the moment your device will connect to any of the IP addresses, the app will notify you immediately.

Users who want to check how the new app works can install it from the link given below.

Download the Googerteller App


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