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Google, Android, Samsung, and all VS Apple: RCS #GetTheMessage War



Google Android Apple RCS

Google, Android, and Apple are constantly making their place in the hot topic headlines due to a common reason – RCS. Well, this term is in respect to something that Google has been forcing Apple for a long time. What’s so special about it? Let’s learn it in detail.

What is RCS?

In this world of advanced and innovative technologies, users do not tend to rely upon old features. Whether we talk about the camera techniques, or the internal functioning of the devices, users now demand something that can be creative and reflective at the same time. That also applies to the texting features.

To give a new definition to the term texting or text communication, Google initiated RCS with the Android system. RCS, also known as Rich Communication Services is an upgraded form of traditional chatting.

RCS is a communication protocol, uprooted from the modern chat features that a user can impose on any social platform. Consequently, this feature allows the exchange of group chats, video, audio, high-res images, FaceTime, and other rich messaging function.

RCS Adaptation:

At present, Google is the one to offer the RCS chat feature worldwide with its Android system and even wants Apple to associate with this project. The company has even started a new campaign with the tagline – Get The Message, for Apple to adopt the feature.

It’s worth mentioning that so far, several network carriers have adopted this advanced feature. The telecom carriers that are supporting the standard RCS across the globe include At&T, Bell Mobility, Bharti Airtel, Deutsche Telekom, KPN, KT Corporation, LG u+, Orascom Telecom, Rogers Communications, SFR, SK Telecom, Telecom Italia, Telus, Verizon, and more.

Samsung – The leading supporter of RCS

Notably, after Google, the manufacturer that has supported the RCS functionality the most is Samsung. The Korean tech maker has enabled the RCS in its devices and commercially launched them in 2012, initially in Europe, and then in the US in 2015.

Apart from Samsung, other manufacturers such as OnePlus, Oppo, and  Xiaomi are also on the way to bringing on this amazing service for their consumers.

Google’s main target is Apple

Google is constantly forging Apple to adopt this interesting feature. The company is bragging about the American manufacturer for so many months. Google believes that RCS is a major step towards the increment in the economy.

Eventually, the US tech giant is pushing off the function to those OEMs that comprise many devices and so as the users. As a result, the RCS will soon be available to many regions around the world, giving a good amount of profit to the company.

User’s Privacy is the main concern: Apple

Although things are quite appropriate, Apple is not ready to accept the function of its iOS. As per the report, the American company believes that their iOS system is quite secure and they don’t want to open it for unnecessary elements.

Moreover, the company has a mindset that it could harm the privacy and security of its users. Hence, Apple is the least interested one to apply the RCS functions to its consumers. Still, things are not in clear words, but we will keep updating you on this aspect.

Google Android Apple RCS

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