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Technical experts must maintain continuity and executive director should not interfere with technical decisions: Huawei Founder



Huawei Founder

On November 4, Ren Zhengfei, founder and CEO of Huawei delivered a speech on enterprise business and cloud business, which is recently published by the Huawei Xinsheng community.

Ren Zhengfai says that all applications in the future will be based on the cloud, but it is not yet. Ren pointing out to the new year and says, Huawei will increase talent investment in software architecture, methods, and tools.

Dare to introduce outstanding talents from major architects and global software competitions, and strive to train architects at all levels and levels from the team, promote them in time based on their ability and contribution, and match their ranks and salaries in a timely manner.


He also mentioned that the technical architecture must maintain continuity, the iteration of the expert team’s decision-making system must also be scientifically stable, and the executive director must not interfere with technical decisions.

The lowest technical architecture is the core and requires a master. The openness, scalability, stability, durability, security, and efficiency of the underlying architecture determine the development potential and R&D efficiency of subsequent software.”Senior expert team, with few people but good, few and clear things, is conducive to calm thinking, they must have long-term and stable responsibility, and don’t change people hastily.”

Moreover, Huawei Cloud has launched more than 200 services, developed more than 1.5 million developers and nearly 20,000 partners.


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