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Standard Huawei P20 EMUI 12 rolling widely



Huawei has started expanding EMUI 12 for the standard Huawei P20 smartphone in the global market. As the phone maker has already been sending EMUI 12 for the Pro version.

Huawei has started to expand this rollout with EMUI version and an updated package size of 4.41GB. According to Huaweiblog, the company is sending this update in batches and the changelog is filled with new features as well as improvements for the consumer.

If you are eligible to get the upgrade, then we recommend you to hope on it via Settings > System & updates > from here tap on the Software updates section and CHECK FOR UPDATES to check the latest software update build. On the other hand, you can check for the update via the My Huawei app’s update section.

below you can check the complete changelog for the Huawei P20 EMUI 12 rollout changes.


Innovative interaction


  • Supports more flexible font customization where you can adjust font size and width with a slider.

[Neuromorphic Theme]

  • Applies the concept of neuromorphism to UI elements. It uses simple colors, tones, shadows and highlights to achieve a more realistic effect.

[Smart Folders]

  • Supports pressing and holding app folders on the home screen to enlarge them and make it easier to access the apps inside.

[Notification Panel and Control Panel]

  • Allows you to swipe down from the top left of the screen to access the notification panel to view notifications, and swipe down from the top right of the screen to access the control panel to use shortcuts. Adds an audio control panel to the panel to make it easier to switch between different audio devices and apps.


  • Allows you to easily multitask in split-screen mode and send messages in a floating window while watching videos or gaming. Swipe in from the left or right edge of the screen and hold the screen to display the multi-window dock. Press and hold an app icon in the Dock and drag it to the side of the screen to share the screen. Alternatively, tap an app icon to view it in a floating window. You can later minimize the floating window to a floating bubble for easier access.

Smart Life in All Scenarios

[Smart Office]

  • Supports accessing documents or pictures on the phone via a laptop without connecting the two devices with a data cable.
  • Improves Huawei Share transfer speed for faster file sharing between Huawei phones, tablets and laptops.


  • Adds the MeeTime app that allows you to make HD voice and video calls over WiFi or a data network. Adds support for screen sharing during video calls, allowing you to tag and share key information in video chats. Note: MeeTime is only available in certain countries and regions:


  • Allows you to scan documents. You can now quickly identify and extract text from images, edit the text, export to multiple file formats, and share.


  • The Discover tab in Gallery allows you to create video stories using pre-installed templates, special effects, and background music. The video editing features have been streamlined and provide further instructions on how to use the timeline and editing options.

[Clutter-free Screen Projection]

  • When you project your phone to your Huawei laptop in Do Not Disturb mode, messages and incoming calls will only appear on the phone screen. This protects your data and avoids screen projection interruptions.


  • Integrates security patches released in May 2022 for improved system security.

(image source – Huaweiblog)

huawei p20 emui 12 widely

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Huawei Sound X gets limited time price cut, starts at 1999 yuan




Huawei Sound X

Huawei Sound X is a smart speaker that offers immersive sound for your ears and recently, Huawei began to offer a big price cut of up to 200 yuan (30 USD) on its initial version in China.

According to the price cut details, Huawei Sound X Gilt Theater Edition is priced at 2399 yuan, a limited-time discount of 100 yuan (15 USD). On the other hand, Huawei Sound X Interstellar Black Edition is priced at 1999 yuan, a limited-time discount of 200 yuan.

To note, this price cut will come into effect on February 3, 2023, for only 24 hours (one day). This is

According to the information, the Huawei Sound X series brings a gradient and transparent design, and the light setup moves with the sound. Huawei has jointly made this speaker with Devialet.


Huawei Sound X price cut

It features an 8-unit three-way acoustic architecture, and a theater-level immersive sound field. It supports HarmonyOS smart space perception and a distributed impact system.

Huawei Sound X Gold Theater Edition provides a theater sound field thanks to the Devialet, which can bring users an immersive experience like a golden theater. This version of Sound has HarmonyOS 3 operating system.

Ono the other hand, Huawei Sound X Gold Theater Edition boasts built-in one 3W high-frequency unit, four 5W intermediate frequency units, one 50W subwoofer unit and two passive radiator units.

Huawei Sound X Platinum Theater Edition can generate a sound experience similar to the concert hall. In addition, the Sound X Gilded Theater Edition has added a Hi-Classical Gilded Theater classical music section. The new HarmonyOS 3 supports convenient control experiences such as one-touch audio sharing, super device, and multi-device playback control.


This is an amazing opportunity for people in China, who want to grab this smart speaker and get it home.

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Huawei will launch new data storage products on February 8




Huawei Storage

Huawei has officially confirmed that a launch event is set to unveil data storage products on February 8, 2023. The company has planned this unveiling to bring in new data storage solutions for the industry.

According to the information, the event is themed “Hyper-Convergence +” with a new strategy and Kunpeng Hyper-Convergence, app store, software, and supporting tools.

The event will be joined by Dr. Zhou Yuefeng, Vice President of Huawei and President of Data Storage Product Line, Xu Yulin, Vice President of Huawei Flash Storage, Liang Ye, Director of Huawei Hyper-Converged Storage Products, and Chen Jing, Director of Huawei Data Storage Product Customer Experience Department will bring you relevant information. Speech, and will announce “Huawei Blue Whale App Mall Ecological Sail”.

Check the full invitation (translated) of the Huawei data storage event on February 8, 2023.


“We sincerely invite you to participate in the “Huawei Hyper-Converged + Strategy and New Product Launch Conference”. This conference will be held online on February 8, 2023. We look forward to your arrival.

With the acceleration of the digital transformation of enterprises and the wide application of cutting-edge technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, edge computing, and intelligent manufacturing, hyper-converged infrastructure has evolved rapidly, moving from data centers to edges, from structured data to unstructured data, and from single General-purpose computing power is moving towards diversified computing power, which has become one of the mainstream construction models of data centers.

As a leader in the hyper-convergence market, Huawei has a deep insight into the development trend of the hyper-convergence industry and will release a series of new products such as the “Hyper-Convergence +” strategy and Kunpeng hyper-convergence, Blue Whale App Store, hyper-convergence software and supporting tools at this conference. , focusing on comprehensive upgrades in three aspects: ecology, experience, and business, truly helping partners build and make good use of hyper-convergence, and jointly promoting the prosperity and development of the industry.

“Beyond traditional integration, continuous evolution”, on February 8, 2023, we sincerely invite you to witness together!”


Huawei data storage February 8

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Huawei brings 5G to fishing boats




Huawei 5g boats

Recently, China Unicom Guangdong and the 5G Huawei “Digital Fishing Boat” project won the 2023 GSMA “5G Productivity Challenge Award” by installing 5G to fishing boats for various use cases.

This achievement includes efforts of the two companies to jointly create new 5G technologies, build a 5G operation ecosystem, and promote industrial digitalization through the “5G Fast City” while ensuring the growth of 5G applications.

David Pringle, a GSMA judge and a senior analyst at Pringle Media, pointed out: “On the more than 450 kilometers of coastline in Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province, 5G is completely changing the lives of fishermen, allowing them to keep abreast of weather conditions, sell fish and other products when they go fishing. Stay connected with your family. Guangdong Unicom’s digital fishing boat system has provided services for more than 4,000 fishing boats, and it can also assist the local fishery administration to mitigate the impact of typhoons and combat illegal fishing operations.”

Huawei 5g boats

Guangdong Unicom and Huawei used China Unicom’s 5G private network PLUS product system to develop the 5G digital fishing boats system.


Using 5G, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and Beidou positioning technologies, it can realize all-weather dynamic monitoring of fishing boats’ offshore operations. Through the 5G MetaAAU ultra-large-scale antenna array, the system gives full play to the advantages of the large bandwidth of the 3.5G frequency band, and can still maintain the access capability of 60Mbps downlink and 2Mbps uplink in the 61km far sea range.

On the “digital fishing boat”, fishermen can not only watch the news, but also keep abreast of weather warnings and other information, and make high-definition video calls with their families. In the event of an emergency on the fishing boat, fishermen can call for help with one click through the app and get assistance in time. Fishermen can also use the app to link to major e-commerce platforms and sell seafood products across the country through e-commerce channels.

Guangdong Unicom plans to further promote the digital fishing boat system and provide related services for 40,000 to 50,000 fishing boats in Guangdong Province. At the same time, Guangdong Unicom and Huawei also plan to carry out innovative cooperation with industrial partners in the fields of offshore wind power, offshore pastures, and island tourism through the “5G Fast City”.

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