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2022 Huawei HDC show will start on October 21, new software technologies are coming



Huawei today confirmed that the 2022 Huawei Developer Conference (HDC) event will start on October 21 and the company will bring some new technologies including the HarmonyOS operating system’s development kits.

Every year, Huawei organizes these events to launch new software for consumer products and helps developers to use and implement the latest Huawei software in their apps and software solutions.

According to the information, Huawei will bring new five scenario user experiences for the consumers including smart home, smart office, audio-visual entertainment, smart travel, and sports health.

Since Huawei has already launched HarmonyOS 3.0 on all of its available platforms, the company wants to keep on encouraging developers to make new apps for this operating system.

In the process, the company has held a number of HarmonyOS-related sessions at HDC 2022. These sessions aim to expand the use cases of HarmonyOS and build a better developer and app ecosystem for the consumers.

There will also be developer activities and live sessions with the company’s top developer body as well as Q&As to resolve developer queries on the spot.

Furthermore, the event will allow developers and general consumers to experience a number of new Huawei products as well as other fun and entertaining activities.

Huawei HDC 2022

When and where?

As revealed by Huawei, the 2022 Huawei HDC event will start on October 21 to October 23. The first day will be marked as an opening and announcement including keynotes from top officials.

Aside from HarmonyOS, Huawei will also shed focus on the Huawei Developers kits and Huawei Mobile Services (HMS). Be mentioned, Huawei has also put Android on the agenda, which didn’t happen during the last HDC.

Currently, we cannot hope that Huawei will bring us a s new HarmonyOS version – HarmonyOS 4.0 during the HDC show, instead, it could further improve the developer’s community and aim to increase apps for the rest of the year.

We’ll bring the complete details of the HDC 2022 show, so stay connected.

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