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SERES debunks rumors on Huawei partnership



Huawei SERES Auto

There was a rumor that Huawei has withdrawn its personnel from SERES Research and Development unit, due to these rumors, the car maker’s stock plunged by 5%.

SERES Stock market declined

On that, SERES come up with a clarification that this is false news and that cooperation with Huawei remains unchanged and long-term.

SERES emphasized that actions and speeches that damage the company’s rights and interests, will investigate the legal responsibility of relevant personnel according to law.

The Internet is not a place outside the law. If rumors are created by asking questions, the company will also pursue its legal responsibility.

Previously, SERES responded to investor questions such as the cooperation model and prospects with Huawei at the performance briefing of listed companies in the new energy vehicle industry chain on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

The automaker reminded in the statement that Huawei and their collaboration brand, AITO have launched smart cars including M5, M7, and M5 EVs. Later this year, these firms have planned to unveil M9 SUV.

Looking at the recent sales record, AITO delivered over 80,000 vehicles in total, which makes it the fastest-growing new energy vehicle.

Huawei and AITO are collaborating deeply on new smart cars, as recently, the AITO car promotion posters appeared with the “Huawei” logo rather than AITOs. Read more about that below.

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Huawei and AITO deepens cooperation

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