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Huawei and AITO deepens cooperation



Huawei AITO

Huawei is the key partner of AITO automobile and both of these companies are working together to deliver smart cars to consumers, recently, the marketing stuff from AITO reveals deepening cooperation between the two firms.

A promotional poster of the AITO M7 SUV shared on Weibo shows the Huawei logo on the top right corner, which was previously featured with AITO. Some people speculated that this is a new step from Huawei to acquire car manufacturing but a person familiar with the matter told that his move only showcases Huawei’s long-term empowerment and cooperation between Huawei and SERES, the parent company of AITO.

Huawei AITO Cooperation

That sounds a lot better because Huawei is jumping more into the field of smart car autonomous vehicle technologies in the industry. As the tech maker has already confirmed that it is a car technology maker and not a car manufacturer.

For your information, “AITO” is called Wenjei Automobile in Chinese, it is a new energy vehicle company, which is based on the cooperation of Huawei and Chinese EV maker SERES and came into existence on December 23, 2021.

As of now, AITO has launched three car models – M5, M7, and M5 EV, while the company is preparing a new M9 for later this year.

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