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Huawei launches AI Security and Trustworthy Program



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Recently, the first series of activities for the 2023 Beijing AI industry innovation and Development Conference began and Huawei has launched AI Security and Trustworthy Program in short Escort.

With the continuous development and in-depth application of AI, the industry is also facing increasingly complex security risks and challenges. Huawei collaborated with its partner to bring in the AI Security and Trustworthy Program.

This Program aims to jointly explore AI security and credibility management solutions with relevant units, guide industry units to carry out self-assessment of artificial intelligence security credibility, promote industry self-discipline, and form a good atmosphere that values ​​​​artificial intelligence security and credibility. Also, practice in the industry On the basis of exploration, provide decision-making reference for relevant departments.

As of February 10, 2023, 31 units have applied to join, and will jointly carry out theoretical research, standard development, and security and credibility around AI security.

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