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Satellite feature of iPhone 14 is awkward: Huawei CTO



satellite iphone 14 awkward huawei

Huawei is the first company to launch satellite communication and the company mentioned that iPhone 14 series is very awkward as compared to Huawei smartphones.

The latest statement is coming from Huawei Consumer Business Group CTO, Bruce Lee. He said that iPhone 14 series and its satellite communication AKA satellite SOS feature is awkward in use.

Mr. Bruce explained that iPhone 14 series requires complicated steps in order to access satellite emergency SoS. First, you will require to wait for the satellite to connect with iPhone, which takes time. Then you will have to wait for the phone to confirm an emergency situation. Then follow another set of instructions to send the message.

Two-way satellite:

On the flip side, Huawei’s satellite message feature is convenient and similar to a regular text SMS. This feature can be utilized by any Huawei smartphone user directly via the dedicated MeeTime app.

Introduced first with the Huawei Mate 50 series, Huawei previously can only send one-way messages. It means the user can’t receive a response from the second party.

With a second-generation version, Huawei enabled two-way messaging. This allows the sender to also receive the reply in real time, which is fast and efficient. Such a feature is not available on iPhone or any other smartphone in the world.

Bruce Lee praised that this technology is a major breakthrough for the entire science and tech industry.

satellite iphone 14 awkward huawei

Created from scratch:

While speaking to the media, Mr. Bruce also shared some important details about the development of satellite SMS. He mentioned this technology is created from scratch and required a lot of internal discussion.

The tech maker also revised plans and techniques to build this feature for Huawei smartphones. That’s why, the Huawei CTO found iPhone 14 series’ satellite communication feature awkward.

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Huawei created satellite communication technology from scratch


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