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Huawei created satellite communication technology from scratch



huawei satellite communication

Huawei is the first smartphone maker to launch a satellite communication feature for consumers. Today, Huawei Consumer Business Group CTO, Bruce Lee revealed that the team created satellite communication tech from scratch.

Bruce said that the biggest difficulty of satellite communication is that Huawei indulged in the process of creating something from scratch. Therefore, many things need to be constantly discussed and explored in order to reach a conclusion.

While explaining the challenges, Huawei CT said that it is difficult to make it from 0 to 1. However, after such a process and delivery agreement, it is very easy for other manufacturers to follow the road. This is one of the biggest contributions of Huawei to the smart device industry.

He also praised the fact that Huawei smartphone users got the first access to satellite communication right into their hands.

Satellite Communication:

This is a unique new technology that is designed and developed by Huawei. Allowing users to send messages using a satellite without a cellular network. The company announces the feature first with the Huawei Mate 50 series and it’s now upgraded to the second generation.

Other than the Huawei Mate 50 series, Huawei P60 Pro, Mate X3, Mate Xs 2 and Nova 11 Ultra comes with two-way satellite communication. Not only that, but Huawei also brought this tech into smartwatches with Huawei Watch Ultimate.

Given the complexity of the technology, Huawei has done an amazing job by creating satellite communication from scratch on its own.


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