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Samsung said it’s still following US rules and not doing business with Huawei after SK Hynix turmoil



Samsung u.s. sanctions huawei

The teardown turmoil around the Huawei Mate 60 Pro is causing panic in other tech companies including Samsung, which now published a clarification that it is not doing business with Huawei.

In a statement published by a Korean media outlet, Samsung said it is following the US export regulations. And not doing business with Huawei. Although, the statement does not mention Huawei but that was the actual context of the question. (via SammyFans)

“Samsung has been abiding by export regulations set forth by the U.S. government and does not hold business relationships outlined within the guardrails,” a spokesperson at Samsung Electronics said. 

SK Hynix:

This Samsung statement follows a turmoil that occurred after a teardown of Huawei Mate 60 Pro surfaced online. This revealed a chip from SK Hynix inside the new Huawei flagship phone. The key attraction of the discussion led to how Huawei accessed these chips after four years of sanctions. That’s not it, the Huawei Mate 60 Pro also contains some of the chips from Samsung in the past device.

After the teardown, SK Hynix published a statement, in which, the memory chip maker denied such a supply report. It said that SK Hynix stopped supplying its products to Huawei in 2020, the year, the US expanded sanctions on the Chinese company.

“SK Hynix doesn’t do business with Huawei,” said an SK Hynix spokesperson.


Industry analyst believes that Huawei has stocked a large number of chip and supplies before US sanctions. Somehow, the company retained them for a long time to use them in later planned devices. But none of these confirms the current situation of the tech company.

Aside from that, Huawei is also making headlines with its in-house Kirin chip return. Experts continue to search for the source of its origin but none of them are confident. Meanwhile, more clarity on this matter is still awaited.

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