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Samsung One UI 5 quick settings needs improvements similar to EMUI 12



Samsung One UI 5 is the latest mobile software based on Android 13 but the software is making slow progress for a better user experience as compared to Huawei EMUI 12.

One UI 5 is one of the most low-approved software and it lacks innovation as well as smoothness. Don’t take my word for it, if you have a Samsung phone, you may like it ‘a bit’ but if you have a Huawei phone or even an iPhone then, you may want Samsung to kick in some new efforts.

Currently, Samsung is busy sending One UI 5 software to old devices. As compared to One UI 4.1, Samsung has made some changes in the user interface and a few in the features section. However, these changes are teeny tiny on the surface.

For instance, Samsung One UI 5 quick settings are similar to One UI 4.1. There is a small change that is powered by Android 13’s Material You design and the rest of the UI and functionality remain the same.

To access One UI 5 quick settings, you can swipe down from the top and swipe again to open the full panel. On the top tray, you will get key features of search, power, and settings, as well as edit.

Followed by a large space for time and date and followed by device control and media output manager. The bottom section includes SIM manager options, quick access icons, and a brightness slider. These are the same old features that were available in One UI 4.1.

one ui 5 quick settings emui 12

On the other hand, EMUI 12 renovated the user experience for Huawei smartphone users. The Control Panel (quick settings) combines a number of new features and services that weren’t there before.

The control panel brings simplicity at hand. Starting from the top section, the phone could use it to control WiFi, Bluetooth connected device way better than One UI 5. There’s a media controller that will allow you to manage playback

Do you think that’s the end of the story? Nope, because Huawei EMUI 12 quick settings enable audio projection to broadcast music on different devices all at once.

The EMUI 12 control panel has quick settings icon section, which has big dials than Samsung One UI 5. Talking about creativity, EMUI 12 further outshines One UI 5 with its Super Device and Smart Device controllers.

Samsung is free to brag about smartphone sales in the global market but when it comes to features and user experience, One UI 5 is still far away.

What do you think, Samsung One UI 5 has better quick settings or EMUI 12? Let us know via the tweet below.

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