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Samsung One UI vs Huawei EMUI: Eye Comfort feature



samsung one ui huawei emui eye comfort

Nowadays, we’re close to our smartphones than ever and this close partnership could bring some eye fatigue powered by Blue light. However, there’s a feature called Eye comfort that is pre-blended on Huawei EMUI to save your eyes, adding to this, we’ll also compare it with the Samsung One UI counterpart.

Although, smartphone makers are enhancing the display panel for the best quality possible but blue light emissions cannot be stopped.

Digital Eyestrain:

Using devices up close or for long periods can lead to digital eyestrain. Research has shown that when people use computers, laptops, and other digital devices, they tend to blink less often than normal. Fewer blinks can mean less moisture. Digital eyestrain means different things to different people but is generally related to the focusing system of the eyes.

Eye comfort:

A blue light filter decreases the amount of blue light displayed on the screen of the device, which can suppress the production of the sleep-inducing hormone, so filtering it out can help you sleep better. It will also help you to reduce digital eye strain.

Coming to the comparison, both Huawei EMUI and Samsung One UI come with eye comfort features and it’s time that we look into the aspects.

samsung one ui huawei emui eye comfort

Eye Schedule:

The Eye schedule feature allows you to enable/disable eye comfort with start and end time.

All Day:

Once enabled, the feature overlaps the screen for the entire time until you turn it off manually.


A slider is available on both software that filters out blue light to reduce eye fatigue, you can slide it left or right to increase/reduce the filter strength.

Flicker reduction:

Only Huawei EMUI comes with a flicker reduction feature, and as the name reflects, the option helps you to reduce flickering on the screen. This will affect color balance and auto-brightness control.

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