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Samsung June 2022 security update for Galaxy Z Fold 3 reaches Europe



Samsung Galaxy June 2022 update Europe

The June 2022 security update for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is now expanding to European users. This will give your device a new start with system security and stabilize performance. Now you can enjoy using your smartphone without any flaws.

As the June 2022 security patch brings fixes for over 66 privacy and security vulnerabilities that include Google and Samsung’s 5 Critical, 39 High, and 1 medium level of CVEs. That gives you proper access control over camera access, the improved night portrait mode ad more.

  • June 2022 security update firmware number for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 in Europe: F926BXXS1CVEE

The Auto framing feature supported supporting video calls as mentioned in the update changelog, it will improve the image quality. Meanwhile, this feature was initially introduced with the Galaxy Tab S8.

The June 2022 security update for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is currently releasing in the Europe market but soon it will expand to another region. So if you localize there then grab this update as soon as possible.

Samsung Galaxy June 2022 update Europe

Below you can check the step for how to install it:

  • Open the Settings App
  • Then search for the System & Update
  • Tap on the Software Update
  • Now hit the Check for the Updates
  • If the update is pending then it will display the download and install option. Once done with the download don’t forget to restart your phone

It is worth mentioning to install its latest update as soon as possible for better system security and stability of your smartphone. Do note that download this June 2022 security update on your Galaxy Z Fold 3 using an unmetered connection for an uninterrupted process.


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Despite being an Android babyface, Samsung failed to understand dynamic theme in 2022




2022 is the year of Android 13 and Android phone makers spotted sending this software update with improved dynamic theme options, but as a babyface, it seems like Samsung still has not learned the core concepts of the dynamic theme.

Introduced with Android 12, the Material You powered dyanamic theme brings brand new settings to tweak the user interface. Instead of being just a feature, the dynamic theme became a part of Android’s soul. With Android 13, Google further polished the dynamic theme so it could be adapted to all Android devices.

Dynamic Theme (Simple version): Once you apply a new wallpaper, the phone generates a range of colors based on that wallpaper. The set of colors is called a color palette and it is then applied throughout the user interface.

Following the decline of Huawei, Samsung is enjoying unlimited Android prowess. It’s projected as a major Android promoter and a babyface. And why not? After all, the South Korean phone maker keeps on posting new mobile shipment records.

However, the handling of the dynamic theme in One UI 5 (which is based on Android 13) shows that Samsung wasn’t serious about being an Android babyface in 2022.

You may want to know, how I reached this conclusion and why Samsung is a failure when it comes to precise work. Let’s find out together.


The user interface is all about appearance, and so does the dynamic theme. Using the dynamic theme on Samsung One UI 5 is different from stock Android 13.

Note: I’ve used the same pixel wallpaper on both Samsung and Pixel devices. So, we can keep the comparison on the same level.

Home Screen:

Below is the home screen, which looks as usual on both One UI 5 and stock Android 13.

home screen

Quick Settings:

Both of the quick settings are using Material You in elements, such as quick access icons and sliders. However, the background on stock Android 13 is solid and remains black. On the other hand,  Samsung uses a translucent background in the quick settings, which has not changed even with the Android 13. It is Samsung’s way of implementing features. While in some scenarios, this way obstructs the viewing experience.

Quick settings

For example, the translucent background is now reflecting the colors of the app opened in the background. It also compromises the look and feel of the quick settings icons and the whole quick settings UI. But it becomes subtle when used on top of the Settings menu.

Below you can check the example of the quick settings opened over the following screens.

(Left – on top of home screen wallpaper, on top of Play Store, on top of Settings menu).

Quick Settings


The setting is an important part of UI, which we access at least once a day. The layout, font, and elements are different in these two softwares. But Samsung used a slight proportion of the color palette in the Settings’ background and remain neutral for applying to the rest of the user interface.

Settings menu

Themed Icons:

I love themed icons because it brings a new look to the app icons. However, Samsung’s way of doing things is a little more disappointing than what it actually looks.

Below you can check Samsung One UI icons painted with color pallets alongside stock android icons. The use and management of contrast in the background and tint on the shape (size too) are super lazy on One UI app icons.

On the flip side, stock Android gets these things done in the best way possible.

themed icons

There’s further inspection on this available, apply Dark Mode and see the change.

dark mode


We don’t need to explain the results. But It is certainly not nice to implement the dynamic theme for the Android babyface Samsung in 2022.

What could’ve happened?

If possible, Samsung should’ve to blend more into the material rather than bleed into the material. Improve icons, and check visibility levels of the UI elements and the current issues may resolve to an extent.

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App Updates

New Samsung Wallet app acquired 5.1.26 version update 



Samsung Wallet 5.1.26 update

A couple of days ago, Samsung officially introduces a new Wallet app that combines Samsung Pay with Samsung Pass to store and access digital IDs, parents and loyalty cards, keys, and more.

Today, the Korean tech giant kicked off a new version update for the Wallet app for the Samsung Galaxy devices via the Galaxy Store. The update comes with some minor bug fixes and improvements in the app.

Notably, the Samsung Wallet update can be identified via the 5.1.26 build version and have an installation weight of around 109.03 MB, with the hefty weight you can assume that the update brings some miserable changes to the app.

Get Samsung Wallet 5.1.26 update: APKMirror 

If you don’t install the Samsung Wallet app till now then can get it via the link and stay up to date with your application for further security and application better performance. Rember that the application is available only in some selected countries read more.

Samsung Wallet 5.1.26 update

Samsung Wallet App:

Samsung has released a new platform that allows users to organize their digital keys, boarding passes, ID cards, etc. in one app. Samsung Wallet is secured by Samsung Knox’s defense grade and utilizes Samsung Blockchain Wallet’s open Galaxy ecosystem.

The new Samsung Wallet app provides users with a stylish interface and one-swipe access to payment cards, loyalty cards, membership cards, and more. It also stores passwords securely so that users can log in to apps and services quickly and easily.

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App Updates

Enhance your Samsung Galaxy Camera app via update 



Samsung Camera update

Samsung Galaxy’s built-in Camera app receives a new update to enhance your photography experience with certain improvements. After grabbing this latest update from the Camera app you will notice a clear and visual image and flawless functioning.

Samsung is one of the rare OEMs that releases regular updates for its Camera app, to give all time better experience than before. The application gives better and enhanced photos and videos with various effects on your Galaxy phones.

Notably, the recent Samsung Camera update can be identified via the build version, which is updated from So users update your Samsung Galaxy Camera app via the Galaxy Store or can grab it through a third-party source.

  • Samsung Camera update: APKMirror

Samsung Camera update

All you need to do compromise is 42.12MB of data to install its latest update that gives you a stable camera performance, flawless working, and some minor bug fixes. We recommend staying up to date with your camera app to create shared and clean memories of pictures.

  Here’s how to install it:

  • Open the Galaxy Store
  • Now hit on the Menu icon
  • After clicking on the Updates option, the list of all the pending app updates is displayed on the screen, you can update them separately or update all.
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