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Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G/5G receiving MIUI 13 (Android 12) update



Redmi 10X 4G 5G MIUI 13 update

After hitting the Pro model, Xiaomi has turned to the 4G and 5G variants of the Redmi 10X smartphone for sending the MIUI 13 update. The users residing in China are gaining the update via OTA. Thus, it might take some while, but soon all the eligible units will have the new MIUI interface.

A notable point that we grabbed in this update is that along with MIUI 13 features on board, the update also brings new security patches for the Redmi 10X 4G/5G. However, the security patches for both 4G and 5G variants, differ from each other.

Security Patch details for both the variants:

Redmi 10X 4G

  • Updated to Android security patch June 2022
  • Latest Version: V13.0.1.0.SJOCNXM
  • Package Size: 3.9GB

Redmi 10X 5G

  • Updated to Android security patch May 2022
  • Latest Version: V13.0.2.0.SJHCNXM
  • Package Size: 3.4GB

Redmi 10X 4G 5G MIUI 13 update

Full Changelog

  • Updated Android Security Patch to May 2022.
  • Increased system security.
  • Stable MIUI based on Android 12.
  • Ambient sound recognition in Mi Ditto.
  • Apps can be opened as floating windows directly from the sidebar.
Mi Smart Hub:
  • Handoff is now seamless between Xiaomi phones as well as tablets where the same Mi Account is in usage.
  • Seamless transfer of apps between phones and tablets.
  • Verification codes received on a phone are now visible on a tablet.
  • Instant view of Photos taken with a phone, on a tablet.
  • Tablets can connect to the portable hotspot with one tap.
  • Phones and tablets have a shared clipboard now. As a result, copy items on one device – and paste them onto the other.
  • An option for taking a photo with the phone’s camera is now available.

NOTE: To be able to use handoff functionality with photos, update MIUI+ to 3.5.11 or later
Handoff functionality will be upgraded in the upcoming versions. Stay tuned for our further updates

Privacy Protection:
  • The addition of Protective watermarks as a pattern displayed over the whole image protects it from unauthorized use.
  • Introducing comprehensive anti-fraud protection mechanisms that include warnings, official labels, and transaction shields.
  • Incognito mode restricts camera, microphone, as well as location permissions.
  • Secure input protects all the text you enter.

NOTE: To be able to use all MIUI 13 privacy protection features, update Gallery, Security, Contacts, as well as Messaging to their latest versions.

System Font:
  • All-new Mi Sans system font with better readability.
  • “Crystallization” live wallpapers.
  • A new widget ecosystem offers lots of items thus, makes your home screen more informative.
  • New gorgeous widgets for system and third-party apps.
  • Lots of customizable widgets, including different clocks, signatures, and stickers.
  • Better recognition of voice controls in Accessibility mode now.
  • Enhanced accessibility support for Phone, Clock, Weather, as well as Themes.
  • Privacy protection, secure web browsing, and better feed.
  • Mind map nodes are more convenient and intuitive accordingly.
  • The wallet looks much better now.
  • Responsiveness for all systems and most popular third-party apps.
  • The home screen is now much more fluid and responsive.

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