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SAIC and Huawei cooperation misunderstood, we have many project together: SAIC Response



Recently SAIC Motors shared a video, in response to the previous comment about the corporation with Huawei, which clearly shows the speech from Chairman Chen Hong about the business relationship between SAIC and Huawei.

The Chairman stated: SAIC and Huawei have been working together for a long time, we have collaborated with Baidu as well. Furthermore, we are accustomed to a handful of 5G network technology projects of Huawei.

Afterward, the SAIC replied that our relation with Huawei has been clearly misjudged on the basis of few twisted words. To tell the truth, Huawei and SAIC are working on win-win terms and working since 2015.

The company further explains that SAIC, jointly with Huawei carries out the smart electric manufacturing, and network security project in 2015. Furthermore, both firms also jointly contributed to the 5G+L4 smart heavy-duty truck project with SIPG and China Mobile.

Actual Story:

At the Annual General Meeting of SAIC Motor, Chen Hong, Chairman of SAIC Motor, denied considering any corporation with Huawei in the autonomous driving field, when the CEO being asked whether SAIC would thinking of cooperating with third parties such as Huawei.

Replying to this, the chairman said with a third-party company like Huawei’s cooperation for autonomous driving is unacceptable for SAIC. As with Huawei ADS, the company can control any fellow partner and we don’t want to work under someone’s shadow. (Read Here)

The statement from SAIC Motors has been surfed on social media with light speed. Reacting to this statement some netizens and related people responded that refusing Huawei is defiantly not a good strategy for SAIC.

Clearing this situation, SAIC shares the entire video of the speech, I have mentioned earlier. However, we can’t deny Huawei’s presence in the automotive industry and the technology that the company offers.

(Via – Mydivers)

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