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Rumors Roundup: Huawei Mate 60, Nova 5G, Full Kirin 2024



Huawei Mate 60

There is a new set of rumors appearing in front of us and these are for the Huawei Mate 60 series, Nova 5G version, and Kirin chipset. Yes, these are pretty exciting topics and we’ll now dive into them.

Before we move on, these speculations are coming from a well-known tipster, FixedFocus, and show some interesting insights.

Huawei Mate 60 series:

The tipster suggests that the Huawei Mate 60 series will come around August or September this year. Last year, Huawei unveiled Mate 50 lineup in October, the phone series comes with a number of new technologies.

But this new timeline seems way early than 2022, the company will hold HDC 2023 on August 4th. At the event, Huawei will release HarmonyOS 4.0 and the company has already started testing HMOS 4.0. Also, the Huawei Mate 60 series is likely to come with HarmonyOS 4.0.

The supply chain is another important aspect of the early launch. Throughout the past two years, Huawei has worked to resolve supply chain issues and established trusted third-party sources. This has helped the company to gather the required components to build new devices.

Aside from all of the details, Huawei users also want to see 5G in this new device but there’s no confirmation about that at the moment.

Nova 5G:

In April, Huawei brought the Nova 11 series, which consists of three models – Nova 11, Nova 11 Pro, and Ultra. These phones carry attractive designs and high-quality cameras. Yet, these smartphones too bring only 4G connectivity.

Now the rumor is that Huawei Nova will launch with 5G later this year and the launch may delay until early next year. Given the fact that Huawei has already introduced Nova 11 series, the company will have to launch Nova 12 series next in line.

Full Kirin 2024:

Although it’s a rumor but we are waiting for the return of the Kirin chipset and the tipster said that Huawei could return with full Kirin operations by the end of 2024. It’s very exciting but we’ll have to wait to figure out what Huawei has planned.

rumors Huawei mate 60 nova kirin

Notes for readers:

There you go guys, this is our latest rumors roundup for the Huawei Mate 60 series, Nova 5G, and Kirin 2024. This information does not refer to as official information, for more information, do check for the source here.

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