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Received EMUI 12 update on your Huawei Y8p?



Huawei Y8p EMUI 12 update

A week ago, Huawei started dispatching the EMUI 12 update for the Huawei Y8p users, have you received it? If not, then this article means to you, as Huawei is still expanding the EMUI 12 for Huawei Y8p models in more markets.

Huawei has a guideline to expand major or monthly updates gradually to eligible devices. There could be some bugs that are responsible for the rollout delay.

It also causes a hold or interruption for the other services if too many users update at the same time. That means if you receive a late update then your device is fully secure from uncertain bugs and server load issues.

Huawei Y8p EMUI 12 update

Huawei Y8p EMUI 12 update:

This new release for Huawei Y8p will give you an amazing new innovative interaction. It bring you new font customization and size and width adjustment.

The Neuromorphic theme applies UI elements, that use simple colors, tones, shadows, and highlights to achieve a more realistic effect. Alongside, it supports smart folders with pressing and holding app folders to make it easier to access the app inside.

The most noticeable feature is the MeeTime, which let you make HD audio and video calls via WiFi or a data network. To enable you to tag and share important information in video chats by adding screen sharing during video calls.

However, the Gallery and Clutter-free screen protection make your Huawei Y8p more compatible to discover the new world of innovation. It also protects your data and avoids screen projection interruptions. We recommend you keep checking for updates on your device for EMUI 12.

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