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Qualcomm reportedly allowed to sell 4G chipsets to Huawei, awaiting for 5G approval



Huawei Kirin

It was reported that Qualcomm has obtained a U.S. license to supply chipsets to Huawei and now we’ve some more confirmation on this matter, which indicates that this license has some limitations.

According to a report from Chinese media, Qualcomm is allowed to sell its mobile processors to Huawei but it may only be limited to 4G handsets. On the other hand, Qualcomm has also applied for a 5G license but it is waiting for the approval to supply 5G chipsets as well.

Last year, the U.S. government added Huawei into entity-list and restricted American companies to supply chipset and other parts made with US technology to Huawei. Because of these sanctions, Huawei faced a lot of difficulties this year and running short of chipsets, which affect the launch of the flagship series.

In the past time, it’s reported that  Intel, Samsung, Sony, and LG received permission to supply Huawei, as well as some other companies like Qualcomm, South Korea’s SK Hynix, MediaTek, and more are applied for the license.

The latest development in this story increases the possibility of adding new Qualcomm chipsets in the mid-range Huawei devices but we also cannot deny the possibility of Qualcomm grabbing a license to supply 5G chips to Huawei.

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