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Petal Search reached over 100 million Huawei phone users in over 170 countries globally



Recently, Huawei has arranged a Huawei Developer Day event in China in which it discloses Huawei’s product function that provides multi-dimensional growth services and application market commercial promotion, as well as the Petal Search search engine.

Huawei Petal Search is a solution for smartphones that provides services all-in-one search app for the consumers. Additionally, Huawei focuses on overseas and key countries to deliver users with an intelligent, localized, and contextualized mobile search experience.

During HDD 2021, Huawei’s higher-post authority reveals that Petal Search giving services to 100 million Huawei end-users in 170+ countries and regions across the globe.

Additionally, it provides support for ecological partners with rich resources and capabilities as well as partners in upgrading their brands and gaining traffic. At last, he said, join the Petal Search search ecosystem and share the growth opportunities with Petal Search!

Huawei Petal Search services:

  • Search bar with voice search, visual search feature
  • Selection section for specific results
  • Download Apps
  • News Feeds and more


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