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OpenHarmony logo is launched – Open Source HarmonyOS




OpenAtom Foundation has officially released the OpenHarmony logo. With this new logo, the open source project of HarmonyOS has received a new identity, as it continues to grow in China and in the global market.

Along with the logo, OpenAtom Foundation also launched a co-construction roadmap to reveal the development plans for this open source operating system code project. This includes exemplary software development, academic institutions, and independent developers who will contribute to the OpenHarmony community.

The project management committee (PMC) also encourages co-construction entities and individuals to make further recommendations regarding system architecture and capacity development.

OpenHarmony logo design:

OpenHarmony logo can be identified via a closed circle. More co-construction units and developers are represented by the large circle, while the core co-construction units and developers are represented by the small circle.

OpenHarmony logo launched

The developers are grouped together around OpenHarmony and cooperate to grow the OpenHarmony ecosystem since they are all in a concentric circle. This showcases their unity and togetherness to proser OpenHarmony.

  • More Co-construction units and developers – Large circle
  • Core co-construction units and developers – Small circle

Aim of Open Atom Open Source Foundation, co-construction, and developers:

The OpenHarmony open source project has made notable progress and experienced regular ecological funds because of the combined efforts of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, the OpenHarmony Working Committee, co-construction units, and developers.

OpenHarmony has attracted more than 40 primary warehouse code developers, and 2800+ community contributors, and now holds the top spot on the Gitee Activity Index.

It has grown to be an essential component of the world’s smart terminal operating system market with 14 software distributions, 1.6 million+ community users, 87 million+ global downloads, 78,000+ code submissions, and over 60 development boards/modules.

(Source: Openatom)

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