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OpenEuler 22.09 based NestOS Cloud system is released



OpenEuler 22.09 NestOS Cloud

After the new openEuler 22.09 version, the Euler community has released the NestOS Cloud system. The respective cloud base is the result of the effective efforts of Kylin Software and the experts of the Euler open source community.

Let’s understand what is NestOS, and how it is beneficial for the developers.

NestOS is a cloud operating system, based on the openEuler 22.09 version. In November last year, the EulerOS open source community brought this program into existence. It’s a cloud base system that provides the best container host, and safety features to run related tasks on a large scale.

In the latest development, the community has released the NestOS version of openEuler 22.09 with some enhanced features. This time, the new addition is the nestos-assembler container image, optimized K8S, and an improved OpenStack system.

Together, these components will help in providing a new installation experience to the developers and users. Alongside, the respective cloud system also showcases the dual-root file system, and atomic update to quickly integrate and build up the tasks.

NestOS features:

As stated, this is the new version of NestOS based on the openEuler 22.09 version. Hence, some fresh and unique features are taking place in this system. Let’s read about them one by one.

OpenEuler 22.09 NestOS Cloud


It is a container image tool for building NestOS programs. It uses a few scripts, rpm packages, and tools required in the entire process of NestOS build-up. Currently, the nestOS-assembler released to OEPKG, and the kola component in this assembler supports the NestOS qcow2 and iso images for testing.

NestOS system usually associates with mainstream engines. For instance, iSulad, Docker, and Podman. Further, it can simplify the containerized workloads. The Cloud Base system has the function to begin the work from the same place. Thus, it saves the ignition file to configure the system and access the management.

NestOS Deployment of K8S

So far, Kubernetes introduced a command line system to simplify the installation process and for solving the availability problem. However, using the command line needs several steps and a lot of effort with extreme carefulness.

To eliminate these complicated methods, NestOS deployed the K8S system. It easily supports custom integration of binaries. For instance, kubeadm, kubelet, kubectl, and other packages. Moreover, you can complete the placement of various resources while installing the NestOS with the help of the K8S system.

NestOS OpenStack

You might have heard this term earlier as well. OpenStack is a cloud management project consisting of several essentials. For instance, Nova, Keystone, Glance, Swift, Cinder, etc. It offers firmware to develop and operate public clouds, private clouds, and other virtual mechanisms.

With this feature, it is convenient to manage an immutable framework and update the file configuration. The NestOS 22.09-LTS-SP1 is in the development phase. Interested developers can attend the sig-CloudNative and sig-K8sDistro.

OpenEuler 22.09 NestOS Cloud


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