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Huawei begins Cangjie programming language beta recruitment



Huawei Cangjie programming language beta

Huawei has initiated the beta recruitment for its Cangjie programming language. The company is calling out developers to inspect the newest programming language and explore how it can be useful in various fields including app development.

Cangjie programming language beta recruitment is open for Huawei developers to preview the current version. They can use this build to develop HarmonyOS NEXT-based apps via SDK, developer guide, and related DevEco Studio plug-ins.

Developers can participate in the testing activity from June 21 to October 21 – (for four months). Although they must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Completed real-name authentication in Huawei Developer Alliance
  • Completed the application information for the HarmonyOS NEXT Cangjie language developer preview beta activity.

Cangjie programming language is only accessible to Mate 60 Pro phones with ALN-AL00 model number. The company says that it will support more devices by 2025.

Note that the “already developed” apps don’t require re-build with the Cangjie programming language. The firm will review all applications by the end of October while the official version could roll out within one month after the beta begins.

You can check more details for the Cangjie beta recruitment HERE.

Huawei Cangjie programming language beta

Huawei begins Cangjie programming language beta (Image Credits: Huawei)

At the Huawei Developer Conference 2024, the company debuted its self-developed programming language ‘Cangjie’ for HarmonyOS NEXT. It also launched the official website as well as development documents for its new language.

The official introduction reads that Cangjie is a new-gen programming language that mainly focuses on the following aspects:

  • Native Intelligence – With AgentDSL, it supports multi-agent collaboration, simplified symbolic expression, a free combination of modes, and the development of smarter apps.
  • Full-scenario – It contains a modular, lightweight, and layered design and can even fit inside the smallest memory. Cangjie runs on domain expansion, metaprogramming, and eDSL technology to support domain-oriented declarative development.
  • High performance – It has full concurrent GC for device scenarios, with smoother app threads as well as faster response.
  • Powerful security – Integrates Security DNA into language design to help developers focus on business logic as well as avoid putting too much energy into defensive programming. Coding becomes secure.

You can check more details of this website HERE.

Huawei Cangjie programming language beta

Huawei Cangjie programming language website (Image Credits: Cangjie)

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