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Open Source HarmonyOS OpenHarmony 3.2 Beta 4 rolling out



OpenHarmony 3.2 Beta 4

OpenAtom foundation has released open source HarmonyOS, OpenHarmony 3.2 Beta 4 for the developers. This version brings a number of new improvements to the kernel and internal features of the software.

To be mentioned, OpenHarmony 3.2 beta 4 is based on beta 3 and includes the following changes.

Enhancement of the basic capabilities of the standard system:

  • The program access control subsystem supports forward CFI, API exception handling optimization, etc.
  • The kernel subsystem supports Hyperhold memory expansion feature enhancement, F2FS terminal performance enhancement, and optimization.
  • The multi-mode input subsystem supports enabling and disabling keyboard function keys, and multi-hot zone support related to input devices.
  • The graphics subsystem supports the transmission of graphics data based on the shared memory mechanism, supports YUV layers, supports GPU composition on the RS side, and supports rotation and dynamic resolution of the virtual screen, etc.
  • The upgrade subsystem supports AB hot upgrade function, flashd upgrade supports AB partition device upgrade, SD/OTG upgrade supports AB partition device upgrade.
  • The globalization subsystem supports on-demand subscription of device management events, system resources support overlay difference, and resource management supports cross-OS platform capabilities.
  • The Misc software subsystem supports uploading files in PUT mode, download management supports configuration download tasks, input method framework optimization and enhancement, and supports printing service framework.
  • The DFX subsystem supports power consumption data collection, system event data collection, perf data collection, etc.
  • The ArkTS API has newly added support for reporting error codes, helping developers quickly catch exceptions and improving the efficiency of exception handling.

OpenHarmony 3.2 Beta 4

Standard System Application Development Framework Enhancements

  • Supports dynamic library isolation, operation management supports pending application interception.
  • Support window attribute setting, support ArkTS card interaction, XComponent provides container component capabilities, etc.
  • Supports configuration of application dependencies supports adding, deleting, and checking operations on the list of application installation and uninstallation, and supports adding, deleting, and checking operations on the list of applications that are prohibited from running.

Standard system distributed capability enhancement:

  • Distributed hardware supports the same account credential parameter request and import.

OpenHarmony 3.2 Beta 4

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