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New KS8123 electronic payment device supports OpenHarmony operating system



OpenHarmony KS8123 payment device

Shenzhen Zhengtong’s latest KS8123 electronic payment device is now compatible with the OpenHarmony operating system. The cooperation has completed the eligibility procedure and has attained the corresponding certificate.

For your information, the KS8123 electronic device is a useful payment solution. It changes traditional payment methods and helps in the effective integration between vast mobile data and third-party servers.

In the latest development, the high-end KS8123 payment device is capable of supporting OpenHarmony 3.1 release. As a result, it will help in conducting appropriate and suitable financial payment operations among consumers.

Not only users, but the respective technology can aid large enterprises as well. Accordingly, the tech pack device can install in-demand third-party applications to help industries and other operators.

Moreover, with the help of the OpenHarmony 3.1 operating system, the KS8123 shields confidential data and improves the overall user experience. Besides, it generates an Online-to-Offline closed-loop system for secure payment functions.

KS8123 payment device – key specs & functions

The latest Shenzhen Zhengtong KS8123 payment solution comes along with a 10.1-inch IPS screen. This is a high-definition touchscreen with a three-dimensional light camera, free rotating patterns, and anti-counterfeit functions.

It also has the UnionPay Security qualification and Chinese secret certificate. Eventually, the smart device can offer complete encryption of the data and looks after the data storage and transmission actions.

In addition, the KS8123 integration with OpenHarmony 3.1 makes it more reliable for financial tasks. It verifies and optimizes the following aspects of the business:

  • Communication interface security
  • Application software security
  • User data security
  • Physical security

On the flip side, the device synchronizes with the definitive codes of OpenHarmony to improve the payment interaction between businesses. As a result, operators will get a highly connected and productive payment solution.

Alongside the business stuff, the KS8123 electronic payment gadget can also play a vital role in medical, governmental, and other industrial sectors.

OpenHarmony KS8123 payment device


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