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Number of global 5G users exceeded 1.5 billion in five years: Huawei



Huawei Global 5G users 1.5 billion

Today, Huawei hosted the ‘5G Beyond Growth’ Summit during the MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2024 event in Barcelona and said that the number of global 5G users has exceeded by 1.5 billion. This is another milestone in the smartphone business.

The Senior Vice President of Huawei – Li Peng attended the summit and shed light on the 5G subject. He said that 2024 is the beginning of the 5G-A commercialization era. It will be a fusion of cloud and AI facilities for better industrial growth in China.

He also shared the company’s achievements and said that in five years, the global Huawei 5G users have exceeded 1.5 billion. It is similar to nine years of 4G development. Notably, the term 5G here accounts for 20% of global mobile customers, 30% of mobile traffic, and 40% of the smartphone business revenue.

In recent times, the Chinese tech giant keenly focused on expanding its 5G scale in the global market. With the launch of the Mate 60 series, the company has achieved this goal to some extent and aims to continue this growth with upcoming products.

Smartphones like the P70 series and Mate 70 lineup are in the making and hearsay to feature Kirin chips with 5G capabilities. The Chinese OEM is also working on independent software systems that can make it tougher against foreign techs.

Huawei Global 5G users 1.5 billion

Huawei Global 5G users exceed 1.5 billion [Image: ITHome]

5G-A Technology

Meanwhile, Li highlights that Huawei will keep enhancing the 5G-A technologies to provide larger bandwidth, wider connections, and better latency to more consumers.

5G-A is constantly bringing new opportunities for operators and the B2B market. So far, the 5G private network has been a part of over 500,000 cases in more than 50 industries. The motive is to provide high-quality networks for commercial success.

Li Peng says that global operators are looking for multi-dimensional experience monetization methods. On the other hand, the Chinese operators are introducing new uplink and downlink packages for network anchors to boost the live broadcast, making it high-definition and smoother.

These packages have also contributed to the ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) value and increased it by 70%. As a result, new services like cloud phones, new consumer calls, and personal avatars are becoming popular day by day. Perhaps, it’s just the beginning and more facilities will take place in the time ahead.


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