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Huawei Taishan V120 CPU enters Geekbench, matches AMD Zen 3 in single-core performance



Huawei Taishan V120 CPU Geekbench

A new Huawei Kunpeng server CPU based on Taishan V120 cores appeared on Geekbench 6 with proficient single-core performance. Looking at the results, the performance efficiency seems equivalent to the AMD Zen 3 cores, launched in 2020.

The detail reveals that the spotted CPU relies on Taishan V120 cores architecture, found in Kirin 9000s. It adopts four main cores and two Arm Cortex A510 efficiency cores. Just like the Kirin 9000s, this CPU might also use the 7nm process tech.

The new CPU (Taishan V120) showed up on the Geekbench with the name – Huawei Cloud OpenStack Nova. Although the testing doesn’t reveal much about the CPU, its results hint that Huawei is ready to develop cutting-edge western-designed chips.

Accordingly, the Huawei Kunpeng CPU server on the Geekbench scored 1527 points in a single-core test with a frequency of 2.9GHz, matching the AMD EPYC 7413 (Zen 3 architecture). Notably, the AMD Zen 3 had secured 1538 single-core points with a frequency ranging from 2.65 – 3.6GHz.

Huawei Taishan V120 CPU Geekbench

Huawei Taishan V120 Geekbench results [Image: Geekbench]

Previous Results:

During the Geekbench 5 test of Kunpeng 920, the Huawei CPU saw a significant decline in performance when compared to AMD’s first-gen EPYC Naples. But this time, the results are quite impressive and show ‘better than before’ improvements.

Apart from the AMD Zen 3, the new Kunpeng server CPU is slightly equivalent to Intel’s Xeon E-2136. Everything combined, the new CPU performed quite well. The results further clues that the CPU could be either Kunpeng 916, 920, or 930.

It is worth mentioning that the benchmark only runs on one core and the multi-core results are not that good (2806). Hence, it’s unclear how far the CPU based on Taishan V120 cores is performance efficient, or useful in power consumption.

Yet, it’s a good start from Huawei’s side and reflects that the company will soon enter in the advanced chip-making era with better cores and processing technologies.

Huawei Taishan V120 CPU Geekbench

Taishan V120 performance in Geekbench [Image: Geekbench]


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