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Huawei might launch new smart products and Wi-Fi routers alongside P70 series



Huawei P70 series Wi-Fi routers

Huawei P70 series is on the way and it looks like the upcoming flagship could bring a bunch of smart products including Wi-Fi routers to the stage. In addition to FreeLace Pro 2 and the new FreeClip color variant, we may find some more offerings.

Weibo tipster @SmartPikachu says that the Huawei P70 series is likely to launch by the end of March 2024. Besides, the premium smartphone lineup will bring upgraded satellite communication technology and new camera solutions for all models.

The post further reads that there could be many new smart products and Wi-Fi routers at the Huawei P70 series launch event. However, the tipster didn’t highlight any information related to the routers or other products arriving in March.

Earlier we reported that the Chinese tech giant may unveil the FreeLace Pro 2 and a new FreeClip color variant alongside the P70 series. Now, a few more products have been added to the list. Perhaps, we might see iconic unveilings at the release time.

Huawei could launch new routers in March

Huawei Wi-Fi Routers:

The P-series developer provided several routers to its consumers with significant capabilities. A recent one in this concept is the AX6 Pro Wi-Fi router with Wi-Fi 6 technology, Wireless Remote Control support, and a boastful performance efficiency.

Currently, the respective Wi-Fi router is available on its first sale and customers can go to the shopping channel or the official Huawei Mall website to purchase it.

Huawei P70 Series:

The company is planning a grand launch event for its next P-lineup. The ultimate devices pack high-tech solutions, powerful capabilities, and impressive features. Moreover, these models are hearsay to arrive with Kirin 5G processors.

Meanwhile, Huawei is in rumors to implement a large language model for the P70 smartphones. This could be an effort to trigger AI facilities in the approaching flagship for an advanced and more productive user experience. Read More…

Huawei P70 series Wi-Fi routers

Huawei P70 series and Wi-Fi routers may launch together


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