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Nope! HarmonyOS is not rolling out in Europe, not currently



HarmonyOS Europe

In the past, we’ve seen a report that mentions that the HarmonyOS operating system has begun to rollout in Europe. Actually, it’s not true and we’re here to resolve all of the doubts on this matter that have been created so far.

So, there’s a screenshot that has been spreading across the internet regarding the recent rollout of software updates for the HarmonyOS powered devices. The version is HarmonyOS, which has been recently initiated in China.

This software package comes with a bunch of new features including the cross-device task center that is now expanding for different Huawei smartphones.

Regarding the software update, is HarmonyOS is rolling out in Europe? The answer is a clear NO!

Everyone knows that the software is currently working as a China-exclusive operating system and has not been announced nor it’s ready to adapt and work on global Huawei devices.

HarmonyOS Europe

Chinese HarmonyOS Software Build:

However, there are also some facts that you should know regarding the screenshot that has been appeared online. First, the build version has C00E207R5P6 numbers, which is a region code and it belongs to China.

This further clears our doubts regarding the rollout of HarmonyOS in Europe and in the global markets.

HarmonyOS for Global Users:

HarmonyOS is a cross-device operating system and it’s designed to work across various platforms – smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, home devices, IoT, smart consumers, business, and smart cars as well.

Huawei has already upgraded 120 million smartphones in China with this new operating system but remained silent on its global appearance. Therefore, fans are eagerly waiting for their terms to upgrade over the new operating system.

The wait is also fueled by the long haul of any major upgrade for their device that has long been forgotten by the company and needs the nourishment of care such as a major announcement of features respectively.

Amy is our firmware and software specialist, she keeps her eagle eyes open for new software rollouts, beta programs, and other software related activities as well as new smartphone launch.