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Next year’s Huawei flagship will come with significant camera upgrades: Kuo



Huawei flagship significant camera upgrades

Huawei Mate 60 series is making surprising sales in China and in the meantime, reports have already started to come out about the new year’s flagship device and their significant camera upgrades.

Industry analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo has shared the details that Huawei will boast the camera specifications of high-end smartphones in 2024. The specifics of these changes in the camera remain unknown for the time being. However, it does show that Huawei wants to get back into shape to compete once again in mobile photography.

Despite no confirmation, we hope that the first attendee of the new camera specifications will be the Huawei P70 series. Mate X6 and Mate 70 series (tentatively) will also follow the high-end camera route.

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Since the very beginning, Huawei has been known for its vast interest and revolution in the mobile camera industry. Huawei P and Mate series are the first to introduce Double, Triple, Quad, and Penta camera systems. These are the trends that forced companies such as Samsung and Apple to compete with more similar changes in smartphones.

However, numbers aren’t the only aspect, Huawei made major inventions in camera technologies. For example, the periscope camera zoom. Huawei P30 Pro is the first phone in the world to bring this new type of telephoto zoom that surpassed the traditional optical telephoto system. Afterward, Huawei polished this zoom to a further level, as other phone makers adopted this as a new way to market their new products.

Huawei Periscope

After the events of US sanctions, Huawei temporarily stopped focusing on numbers and worked on its imaging software. That’s why, the tech maker introduced the XMAGE imaging system. This replaces Leica, a former Huawei camera imaging partner. The company now has its own software algorithm for new flagships.

Another remarkable camera invention is the variable aperture camera system. With that, Huawei eliminated the fourth camera and the requirement of either depth of field or micro camera.

Currently, Huawei has not published any statement regarding the next year’s flagship smartphones but any significant camera upgrades will be worth waiting.


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