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Huawei to order 30-40 million components for P70 and Mate 70 series in 2024: Kuo



30-40 million Huawei p70 mate 70

There’s a new input on next year’s Huawei flagships – P70 and Mate 70 series along with components order target. This is a big change that Huawei is thinking for 2024 and reflects the company’s expectations with the market demand.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared information that Huawei’s new flagship models from the Huawei P-series and Mate series are estimated to claim components order of 30-40 million units. Although, the device remains unidentified in these predictions but we’re certain that these include P70, Mate 70, and even the next foldable Mate device.

Kuo revealed that Compeq will be the supplier of the mainboard of the next P and Mate series devices. Headquartered in Taiwan, Compeq is known for the production of printed circuit boards (PCBs). The company manufactures products such as regular multi-layered PCB, high-density interconnection (HDI), high layer count (HLC), flexible PCB (FPC), and rigid-flex PCB.

30-40 million Huawei p70 mate 70

He says that 2024’s P series and Mate series phones will be the largest growth maker for Huawei since the 2019 US ban. Kuo mentioned that these two lineups will add up to 150 to 200% YoY growth in Huawei’s smartphone business in 2024.

The numbers projected by the analyst are a great indication of Huawei’s return in the smartphone world. This also gives us some hints about the growth forecast of Huawei’s 2024 launch schedule.

It’s said that Huawei is making these changes in the supply chain with the success of Mate 60 Pro. Therefore, the 20% increase in the forecast and the 6 million shipments is a big mark to set by the end of 2023.

In comparison with the current shipment mark, Huawei also increased the overall target for 2023. Specifically, the company started this year with a shipment target of 30 million units.

Later on, Huawei reportedly ramped it up to 40 million. This is the shipment forecast for 2023. However, next year, these numbers might only belong to the flagship lineup, which is something entirely huge for the Huawei smartphone shipment.


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