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Multi-speed variable aperture camera could come in Huawei P70 series



Multi-speed variable aperture Huawei P70 series

Huawei has recently announced a new variable aperture camera technology, which has a multi-speed mechanism and it might come with next year’s Huawei P70 series.

Chinese patent office a new patent with application number CN116157730A. The patent name is “An invention also relates to a method of operating a variable aperture device.” This device may be the rumored non-polar structure lens.

The structure is extremely complex. It seems to be a continuously operated variable aperture formed by superimposing rotors, lenses, and physical lenses. It kind of matches the multi-lens system of the new periscope camera. In fact, it should be called a “multi-speed variable aperture” lens, which makes more sense.

Looking at the patent, the adjustment of each aperture value is realized by finely adjusting the opening and closing degrees of the 3 large blades. Eventually, the rotors come up as a key component in the mechanism.

Actually, the biggest key is mentioned in the patent description: “The present invention also relates to a method of operating a variable aperture device.” It seems to be used together with the design of the main and secondary to manage the aperture.

What are the advantages?

This new tech could increase the speed of changing the aperture at different aperture stops. However, we also can’t deny the speed to be slow in some aperture sizes to process the viewport.

Technical Description:

The invention relates to a variable aperture device for a miniature camera module. The variable aperture device comprises At least one coil arranged around an axis to at least partially surround a lens barrel with a lens, the coil being connected to an external power source.

At least one magnetic sensor, a rotor mounted on the coil surrounding the lens barrel, and comprising at least one magnet disposed of facing the coil and the magnetic sensor.

Multi-speed variable aperture Huawei P70 series

A plurality of blades disposed around the axis, wherein the blades cooperate with each other to form an aperture, coupled to the rotor. And relatively movable with respect to the rotor, wherein, due to the supply of current to the coil. The rotor rotates about the axis and moves the blades, thereby changing the size of the aperture. The invention relates to a method of operating a variable aperture device.

Huawei P70 Series?

Currently, there’s no confirmation about the production of such tech for a real device. However, Huawei is continuously making improvements to the variable aperture camera technology. Therefore, it’s best to use Multi-speed variable aperture camera tech in the Huawei P70 series, if it’s not utilized with Huawei Mate 60 lineup.

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