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Next Huawei Mate X may feature more screens




Huawei is yet launching its first-gen Mate X device but the leaks of its next version are already on the air, as this device is expected to feature more displays compared to its predecessor.

Huawei’s foldable phone patent suggests the design of Mate X 2, that’s better than Galaxy Fold

According to a report from TechRadar, the next Mate X could have more screens compared to the current-gen Mate X and its launch is expected to happen as soon as next year.

A possibility of installing extra display depends on ripping the rear steel cover from the current design and installing a glass back that can be used as a touch screen. Also, the design seems to be similar to Samsung Galaxy Fold but the company has to put more light on this matter.

Meanwhile, the report has revealed that the new launch date for Huawei Mate is slated around November, which was previously decided for September due to some further optimization in design.

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