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WhatsApp Ban Review feature is coming for Android users, will help to restore account



whatsapp ban review

Following the arrival of WhatsApp ban review features on iOS, WhatsApp is now working on the same feature for Android. According to Wabetainfo, WhatsApp brings new WhatsApp ban review features that allow you to send reports to WhatsApp directly via the app’s interface. You can mention a certain reason or an activity that could have caused such a ban for further details.

While running the WhatsApp application, you can get banned for different types of reasons and certain activities could come under spam. However, if you remained good on this platform and got banned due to unknown reasons, the app will be able to retrieve your banned account.

Once banned, the app will show you msg such as “This account is not allowed to use WhatsApp due to spam, chats are still on this device”. Below on the same screen, you’ll now have an option to “Request a review”.

If you tap the ‘Request a Review’ you’ll get to see the main window, where you need to fill in any details you want to include in your review. However, it’s an optional setting, yet, it’s recommended to do so because it could help the chat app maker to better inspect the entire scenario.

If the review is completed, you’ll see two messages including Successful and Failed

whatsapp ban review

(img source – wabetainfo)


The window will greet you with a message that your account has been restored and the WhatsApp system flagged your account accidentally. Thereafter, you can access your account once again following a login verification.


If failed, WhatsApp will inform you that your account cannot continue to use this app. It’ll show “We’ve completed our review and found this account’s activity violets WhatsApp’s terms of service”. Therefore, you’ll need to register a new account to use WhatsApp.

Currently in beta:

WhatsApp is currently testing the ban review feature under beta testing and testers registered under the beta testing program will only be able to get this feature on their devices. However, it’ll be available soon for all WhatsApp users.

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