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Huawei brings HarmonyOS NEXT cloud rendering for realistic gaming experience



HarmonyOS NEXT cloud rendering

With the HarmonyOS NEXT beta unveiling, Huawei brought in a creative cloud rendering technology that aims to boost the gaming experience. Using the latest capability, the software version makes your game more realistic and immersive.

At the HDC 2024 conference, the Chinese phone maker described how the new OS version fully optimizes the system and third-party app experiences.

The company has packed HarmonyOS NEXT with various app-oriented capabilities that not only make them useful but secure too. Starting with the cloud rendering technology, Huawei says that HarmonyOS NEXT will enhance the gaming experience.

Cloud rendering helps in achieving real-time vibrant renders of over 1 billion rays per second. Real-time rendering refers to a technique that renders 3D images or animations at once. Thus it makes the 3D design more realistic and interactive.

HarmonyOS NEXT cloud rendering

HarmonyOS NEXT cloud rendering technology (Image Credits: Huawei)

Next capability of the cloud rendering technology is PC-level ray tracing. From the name, the feature uses light to add more realism to video games. It works on how the light reflects or refracts on a particular object and hereafter, renders the image.

These capabilities together enhance the gaming quality and overall experience. Apart from the games, the company has integrated more facilities into HarmonyOS NEXT which makes other applications more appropriate for Huawei devices.

HarmonyOS NEXT cloud rendering

HarmonyOS NEXT brings PC-level ray tracing rendering (Image Credits: Huawei)

1. App Continuation: This feature will enable users to switch an app from one device to another in one click, without pausing the ongoing operations.

2. Cross-device creation: Apps automatically recommend ideas for tasks based on the device. Not only systems but third-party apps can also fetch the ‘multi-device’ experience.

3. Seamless connection: HarmonyOS NEXT quickly connects apps between devices and allows free content-sharing. Apps like WPS Office can support a copy-paste feature across devices with a common gallery.

4. Upgraded Celia App: Huawei has given a new makeover to the Celia app and made it even more useful. Powered by Pangu Large Model 5.0, the voice assistant bears 23 TOP scene perceptions. This makes it 90% more efficient in planning and reasoning.

The company has also integrated it into the top navigation bar. You don’t have to command Celia to store anything. Just drag the information to the navigation bar.

HarmonyOS NEXT app security (Image credits: Huawei)

HarmonyOS NEXT also brings system-level Global Minor Mode that auto-switches based on the settings and suggests content as per users’ age. With techs like FFRT, Ark Multimedia, and Graphics Engine, the firm has made third-party apps smoother.

It further redefines the rules for apps to collect private data. Now the all-new ‘safe access’ doesn’t require excessive details for app permissions and takes only user-selected data.

Thus users get better control over their privacy. Overall, Huawei has given a new definition to the ‘app experience’ with HarmonyOS NEXT.

HarmonyOS NEXT makes third-party apps smoother (Image Credits: Huawei)

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