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PUBG Mobile reclaims the top spot as highest grossing multiplayer game



The multiplayer online mobile game – PUBG Mobile owns the title for the highest-grossing mobile game for the first half of this year. During this timeline, the game has earned millions of dollars.

The battle royale PUBG Mobile has been listed on the Safe Betting Sites with a total grossing over $832 million for the first six months of this year. Furthermore, the list continues with Honor of King with $664 million followed by Genshin Impact with $576 million on top three.

However, any of the remaining games aren’t able to cross $500 million. Besides, the report also traces the monthly spending by users on these games.

It’s concluded that gamers are monthly spending an average of about $200 million on PUBG Mobile. This is certainly a huge earning for online games, which every developer company dreams of.

PUBG is undoubtedly growing at a rapid speed and continuously achieving new milestones. The editor for Safe Betting Site- Rex Pascual points out that although there are many developers moving on the free-to-play platform, PUBG is the first to bring it initially.

Latest Security Update:

The PUBG Mobile 1.5 Security improvement arrived on 15th July with boosting capabilities for the gamers to be effective investigators. It brings a new event screen, parament rewards, and strategic improvements.

(Via- AndroidCentral)

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