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Huawei Tag anti-lost device price drops to 79 yuan [11.00 USD]



Huawei Tag anti-lost wizard price

Are you a big fan of Huawei Tag devices? If yes, then here is some good news for you. The ultimate Huawei Tag anti-lost device price has dropped to a new low. Now you can get the smart mini gadget for just 79 yuan [11.00 USD].

The Chinese manufacturer launched the thoughtful innovation in July this year. With a price of 99 yuan (around 14 USD) the device kept its legs on the consumer platform. Besides, this tiny tag has packed several useful features in its pocket.

To those who don’t have any idea about this device, Huawei Tag is an anti-lost gadget. It plays a vital role in tracking the location and solving the ‘finding-objects’ issues. It also supports functions like long-distance objects and remote positioning.

Huawei Tag anti-lost wizard price

As mentioned, the initial price of the Huawei Tag anti-lost wizard variant was 99 yuan. However, with a discount of 20 yuan, the device is now available at 79 yuan [11.00 USD] at the self-operated online shopping channel.

So, hurry up! Take the advantage of this amazing offer and get your Huawei Tag anti-lost machine at a low rate. You can fill up the purchase details and choose the alternatives for payment methods in the below-given link.

Huawei Tag anti-lost wizard price

Huawei Tag Anti-Lost Device

Huawei Tag appears in a pure white color with a unique shape and layout. It exhibits a super light weight of 6g and a thickness of 5.6mm. In terms of functions, the device supports near-field search technology with 92 dB.

Further, when an object is lost, the device sends a pop-up message to remind about the object instantly. On the flip side, the gadget is capable of utilizing the power of your smartphone to get the actual location of a lost item.

Concerned with security, the device adopts encrypted reporting of location info. As a result, your personal and location detail will remain anonymous throughout the object search. Besides, it alerts users on coming in contact with unfamiliar sources of tracking systems.

Huawei Tag anti-lost wizard price

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