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New OpenHarmony Evaluation Center opened in Shenzhen



OpenHarmony Evaluation Center Shenzhen

Recently, the OpenAtom Open Source Foundation and the Shenzhen NFEC (National Financial Technology Evaluation Center) have jointly built and inaugurated the OpenHarmony Compatibility Evaluation Cooperation Center.

The details reveal that this is the country’s first OpenHarmony Compatibility Evaluation Center. This initiative will expand the dynamic OpenHarmony ecosystem to more extent and will bring new services to the operators.

The General Secretary of the OpenAtom Open Source Foundation – Feng Guanlin expressed his thoughts on the new OpenHarmony Center. He said that this is a significant step in the OpenHarmony world.

Ahead, the Chairman of NFEC – Zhong Jian mentioned the main goals and future events that will take place with the cooperation center. Eventually, this center will uplift and provide a new boost to the regular hardware and software systems.

OpenHarmony Center – Objectives

As the name reflects, the place will support more smart inventions and finer improvements to the applications. It will also look after the eligibility of software, and hardware components so that they can fulfill the needs of the latest OpenHarmony systems.

Moreover, the center will work on checking and inspecting the devices and their stability with the current OpenHarmony builds. In simple words, the latest establishment and its effective operations will raise the OpenHarmony demands in the financial sector.

OpenHarmony Evaluation Center Shenzhen

Worthwhile Connections

The new OpenHarmony Compatibility Evaluation Center will also develop an interconnection between the ecological components. As a result, operators will experience a diversified technology base.

In addition, the OpenHarmony Compatibility Evaluation Center will treat the tasks and operations of the partners more effectively. It will work on advanced verification methods to check the eligibility criteria of the product.

Besides, the Center will also play a crucial part in integrating science and technology scenarios. Together, these steps of the OpenHarmony Evaluation Center will enrich Shenzhen and make it stand as a powerful financial technology center in the global market.


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