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Huawei patent shows new optical module with improved features



Huawei optical module patent

Huawei recently applied for an optical module and communication tech patent which aims to reduce the cost of manufacturing for effective camera sensors. It further makes space for more significant features that can enhance the user experience.

According to the details, Huawei issued the latest optical module patent with the publication number CN117767976A. The title reads “An optical module, optical communication equipment, and optical communication system.”

From the name, the patent refers to optical communication technology. Besides, the application describes that this development aims to reduce the cost of new optical modules, add more efficient features, and lessen the occupying space in the device.

Diving into the depth, the requirements are a control unit, a laser service driving circuit, a light emitting sensor, and a light receiving component. Let’s learn how it works.

Huawei optical module patent

Huawei optical module and communication patent (Image Credits: MyDrivers)

Optical Module Patent: Functioning

Eventually, the control unit regulates the target mode of the optical module from various working modes. At the same time. it looks after the results of the target signal related to the target mode of the laser service driving circuit.

Here, the multiple working modes have an OTDR mode and a business mode. Meanwhile, the laser driving circuit delivers the laser signal to the light-emitting sensor.

Thus, when the target mode appears in the OTDR mode, the optical or light-receiving sensor obtains and transmits the operation to the control unit. Whereas, the second OTDR signal returns in the optical fiber. Both the first and second OTDR signals then used for analyzing the overall optical signal transmission.

It is worth mentioning that the transmission performance analysis is the most useful part of this function. It reveals the quality of optical signals to operators.

Moreover, better transmission functioning helps in reducing the impact of the optical fiber over the transmitted optical signal. Thus, making the send-and-receive process between signals seamless, cost-effective, and reduces space occupying.

Huawei optical module patent

Huawei optical module and communication patent (Image Credits: MyDrivers)

[Source – MyDrivers]

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