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Huawei releases new patent for flexible screens for more smooth gaming experience



Huawei is continually exploring more and more technologies to make refine products and delivers enhanced user experience with convenience.

According to the latest news, Huawei releases a new patent entitled “a display method and method for electronic design with a flexible screen” on 18th May 2021 with the publication number CN112817470A in China.

Last November, Huawei has filed this patent and this technology aims to enhance the user’s gaming experience on smart screens.

From the patent abstract, it is observed that it contains a display method and electronic manufacturing of an electronic device with a flexible screen delivers a more smooth gaming experience. It works in the following aspects-

  • The flexible screen is in a folded state, and the game should be opened
  • The surface of the pro-screen full-screen game application is the second display surface
  • the field of view of the two surfaces in the first direction of the pen is the field of view of pen Scope

In the operation of the application, the electronic device displays the surface of the stable application through the first display surface while transforming the folded state to the unfolded state of the flexible screen so the gadget can fully display the game application.

Furthermore, the field of view of the first surface in the first direction called the first field of view, which is smaller than the second field view. Meanwhile, the field view of the two surfaces in the first direction of the pen is the field view called pen Scope will help the user to play the game more smoothly.


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