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Huawei releases new patent for flexible screens for more smooth gaming experience



Huawei is continually exploring more and more technologies to make refine products and delivers enhanced user experience with convenience.

According to the latest news, Huawei releases a new patent entitled “a display method and method for electronic design with a flexible screen” on 18th May 2021 with the publication number CN112817470A in China.

Last November, Huawei has filed this patent and this technology aims to enhance the user’s gaming experience on smart screens.

From the patent abstract, it is observed that it contains a display method and electronic manufacturing of an electronic device with a flexible screen delivers a more smooth gaming experience. It works in the following aspects-

  • The flexible screen is in a folded state, and the game should be opened
  • The surface of the pro-screen full-screen game application is the second display surface
  • the field of view of the two surfaces in the first direction of the pen is the field of view of pen Scope

In the operation of the application, the electronic device displays the surface of the stable application through the first display surface while transforming the folded state to the unfolded state of the flexible screen so the gadget can fully display the game application.

Furthermore, the field of view of the first surface in the first direction called the first field of view, which is smaller than the second field view. Meanwhile, the field view of the two surfaces in the first direction of the pen is the field view called pen Scope will help the user to play the game more smoothly.


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Huawei released Multi-Window Screenshot Patent



Huawei Multi-Window

On 26th October 2021, Huawei released its Multi-Window Screenshot Patent document on the Chinese Intellectual Property Database Platform. As the name suggests, this new technology will target to simplify the process of taking screenshots while multi-tasking.

According to the patent abstract for Huawei Multi-Window Screenshot technology, the company has filled it in 2020 on the 4th of July. This Huawei patent was published with CN113552986A identification number under the title “Multi-window Screen Capture Method, Device and Equipment”.

Huawei Multi-Window Screenshot: Patent Description

The document description shows when a user wants to capture a screenshot of a multi-window, the device will first capture the preview image of the screen. Simultaneously, the window split button also appears on the screen.

Afterward, users will be able to select the desired area to take the screenshot. In other words, users can convert the first preview image into multiple second preview images corresponding to each window. Hereafter they can select the screen area they want to take a screenshot of.


Moreover, the process will not only become more modest but the flexibility and efficiency of multi-window screenshots will also enhance. In addition, users can also manage the screenshots of blocked windows during multitasking.

Huawei Multi-Window Screenshot Patent

Huawei Multi Window:

The multi-window mode for Huawei devices was first introduced with EMUI 10.1 software rollout that has brought intensive multi-tasking users experience. This feature made it easier to use split screens or in a floating window in devices.

Overall, it is designed to run multiple apps in split-screen mode, so users can improve workflow and become more productive when multitasking. With time, the company also enhanced this function giving more features and capabilities.

More About Huawei and Patents:

Although the company holds multiple patents in different fields, smartphones are its main working area. From connectivity capabilities to foldable devices, it’s currently working on several patent technologies that are mentioned below.

  • Bluetooth Technology Patent
  • Image Recognition Patent
  • Detachable Mobile Technology Patent
  • Video Call Screen Sharing Patent
  • Under Display Camera Patent
  • Virtual Keyboard Patent
  • Flexible Screen Patent
  • Malware Detection Patent
  • Smartphone Ceramic Glass Patent
  • Foldable Hinge Technology Patent
  • Voice Anti-Counterfeiting Patent
  • Fingerprint Recovery Patent

(Source: CNMO)

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Huawei release removal of speckle patent to improve the photo quality



Huawei Smart Glass

Recently, a new Huawei speckle patent has been spotted on the Chines Intellectual database that aims to enhance the image quality for the people wearing glasses during a video or photo shoot. It’ll bring new technology to the photography field.

According to the information, on the 22nd of October, Huawei publishes a patent under the title”Method, Device and Electronic Equipment for Removing Speckle Spots in Glasses”. Published with the number CN113542580A, this patent was filed back on the 22nd of April 2020.

Now coming to the patent abstract, explains the overall procedure, device arrangements, and algorithms for removing speckles of the glasses. Moreover, following this method will gradually remove the speckles effects caused by the shadow of glass to enhance the image quality.

Huawei Speckle Patent Description:

This method starts working before receiving the shutter instruction. At first, it generates the subject’s preview before processing the image, marks the predicted areas to perform further enhancements. Thereafter, analyze them to remove the speckle effects from the target image.


Huawei speckle patent

As stated before, the high precise algorithms are capable of foretelling the spectacle spots in the image. Thus, it’s easy to adopt post-processing augmentations for reducing processing costs. At last, we received the spectacle effect less high-quality image for those who wear glasses.

More about Huawei Patents:

This Chines tech giant holds a number of patents in its business areas including 6G, 5G, Automotives, foldable screens, and many other technologies. In addition, the company also counts as a major patent holder on a global scale as well. However, it’s still restless and inventing new technologies and licensing them for further research.

The company recently patent includes the following technologies-

  • VR Shooting Patent
  • Sports Posture Error Correction Wearable
  • Auxiliary Makeup Patent
  • Solar Battery Charging Patent
  • VR Head Mounted Technology Patent
  • Multi-Screen Interactive Patent
  • Vehicle Braking Control Power Recovery Patent
  • Business KPIs Obtaining Patent

(Source: Ithome)

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Huawei developing Psychological Stress Assessment technology: Patent




On 22nd October, Huawei made its psychological stress assessment technology patent public. This health management technology will help users in various aspects and help them lead a stress-free lifestyle.

According to the Chinese Intellectual Property database, the company has filled this application back in 2017 on the 24th of August. Now, this Huawei patent with publication number CN110337699B and title “a method and equipment for psychological stress assessment” has been announced in China.

Document Report: Huawei Psychological Stress Assessment Patent 

Observing the patent abstract, this document describes a method and technology to measure psychological stress assessment. Furthermore, the method is capable of protecting psychological stress so that a user or a patent can be notified in advance.

The patent technology includes a certain method that is mentioned below-

  • First Step: The prepared device obtain the user’s physiological parameter measurement value
  • Second Step: After collecting the basic information, it processed through under psychological stress evaluation model
  • Third Step: The carried out result determines the user’s psychological stress assessment state
  • Fourth Step: The final result displayed by the device. Thus, how the method works

Huawei Psychological Stress Assessment Patent

During the process, the user’s psychological stress assessment model is determined according to their physiological parameter reference value and the general model of psychological stress evaluation.

In other words, the user’s psychological stress value and parameter reference value are compared to process the desired result. However, it helps a user in predicting psychological stress.

Moreover, this psychological stress evaluation model reflects the changing relationship between the change of the psychological stress value and the change of the physiological parameter value.

To be mentioned, Huawei has speeded up its heath management technologies. In recent editions, we have seen many technologies such as sleep risk prediction, posture error correction, and others. On top of this, the company’s new blood measuring wearable will launch soon.


(Source: Ithome)

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