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New Huawei patent based on Human Body Interaction improves communication



Huawei patent human body communication

Huawei has announced a new patent based on the Human-Body interaction to improve the communication quality for users. It relies upon body-centric interaction technology to simplify the communication experience, making it efficient.

Body-centric interaction or Human-Body communication is a wireless technology that uses human body tissues as a signal transmission medium for data transfer. As of now, the Chinese tech maker is using the same tech for new enhancements.

Human-body communication (HBC) is a short-range communication method that is safe, reliable, and consumes less power. According to the patent, when a human body contact with different devices, it helps in achieving convenient interaction.

Examples of HBC are computers that remain in touch with users for fast data transfer, the body fat scale and smartwatches that result in quick weight and health status of a user, and more.

Huawei patent human body communication

The patent reveals Huawei uses an electronic device based on Human Body Communication technology, such as a wireless earphone or any other wearable. It will feature a body structure, multiple signal electrodes, and an adjustable circuit.

Eventually, the device body will align several signal electrodes in different positions and utilize them to form various signal transmission channels for communication with the user’s body, when the device is in an active state.

Meanwhile, the adjustable circuit connects electrically with one signal electrode to balance the working parameters. Together, this mechanism helps in achieving high-quality communication and can fulfill different communication requirements.

Huawei patent human body communication


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